Dog mount with me

Hi my name is Ashley, I am twenty years of age and I live in the state of Missouri. Since I was a baby, I absolutely adored dogs and became quite obsessive about them in elementary school. I was often made fun of for drawing them non-stop and I felt as though nobody understood my relationship with these animals. I did not know about dog sex until I was ten years old and I decided to check out my very first dog encyclopedia. I skimmed through the pages at home and discovered that on one of the pages I saw dogs mating. It looked so disgusting at first but it fascinated me in a strange way. I was so curious that my body turned itself on and I had the sensation that I should masturbate. I did not give in. We lived with my Aunt at the time who had a lovely Weimaraner named Cobby. Cobby was going to be my first sex partner later. I was always fascinated with his penis and I found myself rubbing it to see what would happen out of natural instinct. He would mount and try to get on top of me. I do not know why but I got on all fours and acted like a dog to see if he would mount me like a female dog. Cobby saw this and took full advantage of it - digging his claws into my back. Cobby was neutered and he would often jump off of my back after a minute or two of mounting. I kept walking on all fours and he would continue to mount me until he was panting so hard that he could not do anymore. I would often wait for my family to watch TV so that I could go upstairs and have some alone time with the dog. I would drop my panties and let him lick my vagina. He loved licking it but sometimes he would bite my vaginal lips. I scolded him each time but every single time he some how did not get the message and I eventually let him stop licking my pussy. I would pull my panties down and let him lick my butt hole. He liked it. I felt that his doggy saliva cleaned my asshole better than toilet wipes and this became something daily that we did together. I decided to pull down my panties just a little bit and allow him to mount my butt crack.. I noticed that this excited his penis more and he enjoyed penetrating my butt crack, often mounting full force to where my butt would giggle as he penetrated it. He would get off and lick off his tiny mess. I would play with my toys and watch him walk into the room - I would lock the door and fool around with him. I remember one time getting on top of him and trying to ride his penis without touching it with my hands. He was very relaxed. I can even recall one time where my Aunt came upstairs as I was fooling around with Cobby and seeing her peep through the crevice of the door to see what I was doing. I froze and she walked away not saying a word almost as-if she was also having sex with her dog too. One day.. something happened. I was fooling around with him naked for the first time and he mounted me. He penetrated so deep and so quickly that he was fucking me anally. It hurt so much that I laid down to stop this from continuing and I cried and warned my mom that I might be pregnant. You can tell I was very young and I had a wild imagination. I lied and said that I was naked bending down picking up clothes and that he mounted me and I couldn't get him off so he ended up putting his peepee in my butt hole. I was so scared and I panicked. She assured me that I would be fine and my Aunt was shocked to hear about this. It hurt for three days straight. I could not walk or sit down without experiencing a sharp pain. My cousin came over once and I remember stroking Cobby in front of her as I laughed to show her what happened. I can also recall moments where we would play with my Uncles dogs and I had his male chow chow dog mount me. I laughed and let him mount me. My cousin and I were so close that the both of us thought the same about a dog's penis. After the anal penetration, I stopped having intercourse with my Aunt's dog and I remained a virgin until the age of 17 when I lost it to my first love.