K-9 Curiosity

I am a happily married attractive female in my early forties and this is my story. I am a 5'7" brunette with red highlights. I am height weight proportioned with 36b breasts with nice nipples surrounded with brown areola that get very hard when aroused My ass is very shapely in tight jeans and I can still turn heads. My pussy is shaved and my lips are somewhat larger and longer than most womens they stretch about 8cm when pulled on and a nice large clitoris that protrudes out almost 3cm when fully erect.
My husband enjoys going down on me for long periods of time. He loves sucking my labia and nibbling on my clit causing much wetness and major orgasms. He loves tasting my juices and I really flow when excited. He has a beautiful 9" cock with girth that curves upward and to the left. He likes to fuck me doggy style(Ooooo did I say doggy style) and sometimes pulls me back on him by my pussy lips stretching them and watching my engorged labia sliding along his thick shaft.
We have a 200 acre farm nestled in the mountains of PA it's very private here. We have some cattle and my husband bought me a Black Lab puppy for companionship for my birthday one year for my birthday so I named him Bow.
Now don't get me wrong when my husband and I have sex it's always good. I guess he's a bit of a perve cause we are always trying different things thats why the sex is soooo damn good and I am a willing partner!
One afternoon he brought home this video of a woman having sex with a dog. Oh,how disgusting I thought and to top it off the dog was a Great Dane! The woman was sitting naked in a chair on the edge with her legs spread wide giving the dog full access to her pussy. She was shaved with a tuft of hair on her mons. The dog was licking her pussy madly causing her orgasms,you can tell fake orgasms in the porn flicks. She was moaning loudly tossing her head back and forth. Her pussy was very wet when the camera zoomed in and the dog continued licking her trying to reach the source of her juices.
As the dog licked her I noticed a pink tip emerging from his furry sheath. She reached under him and began to stroke him. He began to grow longer and larger! As he became more excited I noticed a clear fluid squirting out all the while from the tip of his now reddening cock. There seemed to be a never ending supply of this liquid I guess it was his precum and he was humping her hand.
His cock was now hanging about 7" out of it's sheath thickening and reddening still squirting out it's fluid. The woman slid down off the chair still holding the dog by his cock which appeared to be 8-9" now with a knot the size of a tennis ball forming at the base. I could'nt believe the size of the dogs cock!While holding onto the dogs knot she guided him toward her open mouth. His precum was hitting her in the face as she guided him into her mouth. The dog began to fuck her mouth with his animal instincts. I could'nt believe what I was seeing, the size of the dogs cock fucking her mouth while she held onto the knot. But most of all, I could'nt believe the effects it was having on me!I could feel my pussy was soaking wet!My juices were flowing out of my vagina and down my pussy lips to soak the liner in my panties. I could feel my labia swelling and my clit hardening, Wow what was happening to me?
With very little coaxing the woman got the Dane to mount her. By now the beasts cock was a full 9" throbbing purple shaft with pulsating veins and a knot the size of a baseball!He grabbed her hips and began thrusting with his giant animal cock flailing around between her legs seeking it's target. She reached back and guided his throbbing swollen cock to her pussy. He now began to hump her wildly driving his engorged animal cock deeper into her with each thrust. She was moaning with pleasure and being very verbal when she lowered her head and raised her ass higher into the air. The next thing I noticed was the knot was banging against her hole trying to gain entry with each thrust the dog bestowed upon her. She once again lowered her face to the floor and raised her ass and then it was in!The knot was in!She let out a loud moan with pleasure as the Dane raised himself higher and began to pick up his thrusting speed. He was fucking her wildly,pounding her pussy with a blur.
I could'nt believe what was happening to me! My pussy was soaking wet! I was beginning to feel embarassed that I was going to leave a wet spot on the couch,my honey was flowing like a river from my vaginal canal. I tried not to make eye contact with my husband for fear he would think that I was beginning to like this disgusting sort of thing. I was begining to feel uncomfortable now,my labia were swelling and with the undergarmets on there were no place for them to swell and unfold comfortably.
Just then the Dane raised himself high and held the woman real tight I could tell he was cumming in her. Wow the thought of that made me hot,I was responding to this very much so. The Dane then just laid across her back. I excused myself and said I had to go to the bathroom.
Whew. . . just in time. The crotch seam in my jeans was wet not damp but soaking wet. I slid my jeans and panties off to the floor. I looked into the full length mirror on the bathroom door to see my labia completely swollen and my clit now fully erect poking out from beneath her protective sheath in all of her glory. I sat up on the counter and spread my legs wide apart. My cunt lips fell apart hanging open like a beautiful flower in full bloom. My clit was sticking out proudly all red and throbbing in her fully erect state. My nectar was flowing down my love canal almost dripping off my lips. My. . . what an effect this video was having on me because I was in this state and, had'nt even touched myself nor anyone else for that matter. My labia were glistening with my sticky sweet womanly juices. I reached down with two fingers bringing them up between my swollen labia. Immediatly a sticky bridge formed between my lips and my fingers like saliva does. Whew. . . was I ever randy. . . I liked it! I needed sex. I wiped myself off with a cool washcloth,slipped on some shorts and gathered up my stuff off the floor. I opened the bathroom door and was startled,I dropped my panties on the floor. It was Bow,he followed me up to the bathroom. I patted him on the head and tossed my jeans into the hamper. When I turned around to pick up my panties Bow seemed very interested in them. He was sniffing them very carefully and very thourghly I might add. He was sniffing the crotch with intensity, his nostrils were flaring. I picked up my panties and smiled slyly as I tossed them into the hamper and headed downstairs.
I returned to the video with a couple beers to watch the movie. My hubby nodded in approval with the beers and the shorts. The Dane and the woman were back to back but still connected by the Danes cock. Hummmmm musta been like that for awhile I thought. Just then the Danes great knot pulled free and copious amounts of doggy cum flowed from the womans pussy to the floor in gobs. The woman positioned herself on the edge of the chair again. The camera zoomed in on her then her well fucked pussy. A puddle formed beneath her as the cum literally ran out of her in gobs. She even reached in with her fingers and pulled some gobs of cum out. I had no idea that a dog could cum that much,wow again! The Dane was lying on a rug licking his cock clean he then returned to lick the womans pussy clean, now my interest was peaked!
While my husband was away I watched the movie many times. I began to reasearch the internet for information. I found alot of useful information and pictures. Some of the woman in the pictures were very beautiful also. There is no class of specific people that practice this type of sex.
One summer weekend my husband was going away for a week with his friend to fish and ride his dirt bike. He suggested I visit with some friends I haven't seen for awhile. I said I might but I had other ideas, said I was gonna lay out and tan. He kissed me goodby and left.
With my portable phone,sunscreen and a chilled glass of wine I proceeded to tan in my lounge chair. Since we live so far out in the country I like to tan in the nude. The secondary road is a quarter mile from the house so I can easily see anyone approaching before they get close and of course I have my watch dog. He barks as soon as someone turns down the lane.
I oiled down real good and proceeded to tan rotating every 15 min or so and refilling my wine glass. I musta dozed off in the warm sun allowing my legs to drift apart. Resting my legs on the armrests it felt pretty comfortable when I felt something cool and moist on my labia. I was startled to see Bow was sniffing my hot moist pussy. I tried to push him away and he looked at me as if to say why? So I called him back and petted him. He again started sniffing at my pussy. The wine was kicking in now, I started to spread my legs now and was thinking about the video! His tongue came out and darted up between my labia striking my clit, it sent a jolt of electricity right through me! I slid down the chair to give Bow easier access to my pussy. He was licking me and I was liking it my pussy was tingling. He was licking me harder and I was responding I could feel myself getting wetter and my labia starting to swell. He was covering my whole bottom with one swipe of his tongue. NO ONE has ever eaten me like that before. My labia were now easily spreading apart and swelling, my honey was starting to flow from my now exposed vagina. My clit was throbbing with each swipe of that marvelous tongue and she was begging(did I say begging) for sweet release. I was fast approaching orgasm and I was'nt going to be denied. I reached down with both hands and pulled my lips apart and back exposing my throbbing clit even more and my vagina giving Bow full and complete access to my most private and sacred being of my womanhood. A place where many men have tried to get and ejaculate their seed in me. Here I was pulling and stretching my pussy lips wide apart to give Bow all I have to offer as a woman. But I was on the verge of cumming and cumming hard, I was pulling my lips about 6. 5cm on either side of my vagina. Sweet orgasm was approaching and fast. AAAaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggg, I was cumming and I was cumming hard!!!! My body was convulsing and spasming. I exploded and I exploded hard! If I ever ejaculated my female cum this was it, it felt like I actually squirted out my cum. My eyes were closed in sweet surrender as it felt like a river of honey was flowing from my vagina. I could feel my cum running down between the cheeks of my ass. Bow licked feverishly trying to clean up all of my expelled juices. I got off at least three times with his persistant licking and it was absolutely wonderful. It was so intense, I was now a firm believer in dog sex!
As I sat in the chair recuperating from these fantastic orgasms I looked down to see Bow with half an erection. From my research I'd done I taken his cock before and stroked him so he knew what was comming. When I want sex I only am around him nude. Dogs are famous for sniffin crotches,thats what they do. But this was going to be a first for me.
I got up and gathered up my things went on the sun porch and called him. I had thought about this for along time about being mounted by a dog and I was ready for this special occasion!My homework was gonna pay off. I put down a blanket,got my chair,got these little rubber boots for Bow from some sports outfitter and a large mirror. I wanted to see that beautiful enter my pussy!
I sat down on the edge of the chair and spread my legs wide. My labia were still swollen and I could feel myself getting wet just thinking about what was going to happen. Bow immediately approached my spread legs and began licking my hanging labia. My clit began to emerge from her protective hood,since she had somewhat retracted in preperation for what I was getting ready for,some nice hard dog cock!
Bow was licking me now with as much enthusiasm as before. As I reached underneath him I felt his wet pink cock and it easily slid between my cool fingers. His cock was very hot as I began to stroke him he began to emerge more and began squirting out his clear fluid. He began to lengthen and thicken with my soft touch. He had about 7"of cock hanging out of his cock sheath and I could'nt feel his knot yet!After about 8" I began to feel his knot forming. I was getting more and more excited and more and more wetter the more I stroked him. The sensation of him licking my swollen cunt and me stroking his hot cock was making me delerious with pleasure. Before I could get off the chair my cunt muscles spasmed and I had another glorious cum shuddering with pleasure my cunt released another gush of my sweet cum then another orgasm my knees were shaking,I was shaking all over AAAaaaaauuuuuugggggg another splendid orgasm. He would'nt stop licking my juices. I had two more orgasms!
I finially slid off the chair and guided his now humping cock to my wanton mouth. Yes I was a bitch now and a cunt and this cunt needed fucked badly!He pumped into my mouth with his swollen purple member,occasionally he slipped out of my mouth only to spray my face and hair with his precum. He appeared to be at least 8 1/2" in length with a baseball size knot at the base. He started fucking my mouth more aggressively so I decided it was time to have him inside me.
I held tightly onto his knot and rolled over on all fours. He jumped me and began pumping his hips to get his swollen member inside my dripping pussy. I guided his cock to my vaginal entrance and he pushed in. It felt as though I had been impaled on a hot poker. I could'nt believe how hot his cock was,he immediately began fucking me with lightning strokes pulling me tighter to him. His heavy ball sac was swinging up between my legs hitting my fully erect clit each time he thrust into me. I was in heaven and I was delerious enjoying it. His rapid strokes were quickly bringing me closer to orgasm. But wait,I could feel his knot trying to gain entry to my love portal banging against me with each hard thrust. I lowered my head and raised my ass high into the air to accomodate this beautiful knot, as I looked into the mirror just in time to see it enter my wet cunt.
Bow raised up higher on his rear haunches to get all of that animal cock into me. With lightning strokes he drove into me his balls swinging up against my clit bringing me to orgasm AAAAaaaaaauuuuuuggggghhhh. I was cumming so hard I thought I was going to pass out,this orgasm went right into another my cunt was soaking wet and getting the fucking I wanted it to have. When my cunt muscles spasmed and tightened I felt Bow pull me even closer and hold me tightly. I could feel him ejaculating all of his doggy cum into my pussy jet after jet of his cum sprayed my womb. I could feel his cum and my juices running down my legs as he continued to ejaculate his seed in my wanton cunt. I was now his bitch, we were locked together.
I remained locked to him for about 30 min. I found out that if I gently rotated my hips while he was still locked in me I had a couple more orgasms not as intense as the others but still very gratifying. When he finally pulled free from my pussy it made a pop and the cum proceded to flow out of my pussy. I turned to face the mirror with my legs spread wide to watch the gobs of cum run out of my gaping pussy hole. A large puddle formed beneath me. I was swollen, sore and well satisfied. I drifted off to sleep and awoke the next morning. My legs and pussy were all sticky and still gushy from the large amounts of cum I had injected in my pussy.
We had sex several more times for the duration of that week and I now have a better system so it's not so rough on me. I do like when he mounts me to bo rough but I have found that different positions make it that much more enjoyable. No man has ever satisfied me so fully and so totally to make me limp like the experience I have described. I still have lots of pleasurable experiences with Bow and he never looses interest in me or my pussy. He is getting up in years, but theirs always a birthday cummin up. I still haven't forgotten the Dane!
Hope you like my story and maybe I will share more experiences with you.

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