Taking a drag of my cigarette, I cross my legs as I sit on the couch naked. Waiting for you, I glare out of the window thinking, breathing calmly, contently. You walk slowly to the couch, eyeing me, wearing a full suit with a tie. "Detective Danovan, how is that case you finally figured out," I look over towards you with a smirk across my lips.
You stood in front of the couch looking down at me. "I finally got the killer, why?" You ask looking confused but keeping a composure.
I smile, taking another drag. "Are you sure you have the right person?" I take another drag, ashing into the glass tray. Watching the ash, you begin to get angry, "why wouldn't I be?!" You step closer, making me chuckle lightly.
"The plot was too briliant, you know something is off. The writter of that was way too far ahead." Before I could ash you stood over me, " the case is closed, no more of this shit." Rolling my eyes I stand up, putting out the cig in the glass dish already covered in ash. I make my way to the bathroom, pulling on a sheer silk robe. Walking into my bedroom, you stand at the door with your hands in your pocket, your jacket is laying across my chair. Looking at my dresser, you poke around at my many makeups and perfume bottles.
As I pull back my bed sheets, I tighten my robe tie and climb onto my high set queen sized bed. Sitting up against pillows, I watch you stand at the foot of my be as I put on my glasses and begin to read. "Cole, whats wrong?" I get out of bed and make my way to you as you begin to visibly get upset, your job taking a toll on you, "fuck". I lay you down on the bed kissing you, trying to take off the suit that was beginning to constrict you. Unbuttoning your shirt, you finally kiss back as I pull off your shoes and socks, starting on your pants. You pull me up to strattle you, as I continue kissing your chest and lips trying to comfort you. Making my way lower I slide off the bed kissing down to your already loosened belt.
As I slide your pants off, I continue kissing you everywhere. Scratching your chest I reach into your pants pulling out your hard cock. Admiring your size, I look up at you, to see you looking down at me, moaning and your hand touches my face. Pulling you into my mouth I hear you moan audibly, sliding your hands into my hair. The more my tounge moves around, the harder you became. I scratch at your chest lightly, making eye contact and keepibg it as I take more of you into my mouth. Lifting yourself onto your elbows, you watch as I quicken my pace as you begin thrusting into my throat. Panting lightly, you throw your head back and look down to continue watching. You lift my head, stopping me and lightly pushing me back to slide off the bed. My robe is in the way, so you untie it and let it fall to the floor, allowing you to look over my body. Leaning down, you kiss me then take a hold of my neck getting behind me and massaging my boob with the other hand. Bending me over, I put my hand on the bed as you take your hands and guide your cock to my clit. Slowly sliding it back and forth allowing yourself to feel the wetness youve created against my lips. I look behind me to watch your face as you tease me, seeing a stern, and still quite upset face.
I begin moaning as you continue massaging my clit and pushing only the tip into me then pulling out. As ready as I think I am for you, I immediately find myself pleasured and unable to take it. I try to push back onto you, but you dont allow me. You push me into the bed slapping my left ass cheek and holding down my neck into the bed. Reaching back, I try to grab some part of you to pull you deep, but my arms cant reach. I begin to whimper and beg but you cover my mouth and slap my ass again, going back to massaging my clit. "Your perfect little pussy gets so wet for me," you slowly slide in to me until your very end. I moan loud, arching my back taking all of it. Pulling out slowly, you slap my ass as one of your fingers makes its way past my lips and I begin to suck on it, wishing it was the hard cock you were teasing me with. Grabbing my arms, you slowly thrust in releasing a grunt, making me cry out even louder.
Reaching up you grab my neck pulling me backwards into you as my hands stayed on the bed grabbing the sheets for dear life. You gradually speed up, and by the time youre pounding into me I begin to cum squirting onto your hard cock. I bury my face in the bed, not wanting the sound to carry. You still never slow, causing my back to arch and my legs start to give out. With each thrust I can feel the tears build up in my eyes, making every moan louder than than the last. When you finally slow down, thrusting hard and deep, I have already came again, and feel the bext coming closer. You stop, deep inside me and lay on top of me, your hands grabbing at my hands, collecting them from grabbing at the sheets. Your heartbeat fast and hard and your breath on my neck as you slowly kiss across my back. Feeling your body come off of mine, your arms wrap around me picking my up gently and laying me on the bed, with my head on a pillow. Feeling your hardness slide out of my wetness made me shiver. Opening my eyes, you were staring, with one hand making its was down my stomach and back up slowly. You close you eyes leaving your hand on my hip, " i need to cum deep in you."
Before I could say anything, your body was hovering over me, and your lips take mine lifting my leg onto your shoulder, leaving the other bent next to you. Again you start slowly, deep and quick but pulling out slowly. Immediately my body responds back, and you take it in. You bend to kiss me, making hickies before standing back up. Reaching up to touch you, your hands grab my wrists pinning them to the bed. Speeding up you shorten the strides, eventually using only the tip, teasing me. Playing with my nipples, I feel your hands letting go of my wrists. As you slide deeper into my pussy, you hold my waist, using it to pull yourself deeper into me.
I hear you moan, then grunt as you start pounding faster with each deep intake of breath you make. Watching the pressure build across your face, my body releases again, sending cum dripping out of me as you never slow. Shivering as you release inside me, I feel it slowly seeping out as you feel my pussy slowly relax from my release. Pulling out, you move down to lay your head on my chest, allowing my arms to move up to your shoulders. Making sure your eyes are closed I move my arm off and reach under my pillow to feel for my knife, which surely wasnt there.
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The bar

Margret was having a bad night. Dressed to the nines, she found herself at the Wolf Pack throwing back Scotch after having an extremely hard day denying disabled men, women , and children their SSI and Social Security Disability payments. She had even denied some old widow women their widows survivors and maintenance payments . Margret is a very attractive and elegant red head in her mid twenties . She stands 5'9" and weighs in at a shapely 120lbs. But, to the poor , the disabled, and the needy Margret Leonard is a bitch.
Lynette was working tables that night and the tips were coming pretty slow. She knew it'd be hard for her to make rent and pay tuition if it kept up like this. Lynette is a characteristic blonde girl next door. She was a weight lifting champ in High School but since getting in to college she has not had as much time to work out. Lynette is taller than Margret at 5'11" and weighs about 145lbs. Her work costume of a skirt and apron were clean this evening as there had not been much to do all night.
As the night wore on, Margret was really knocking back the scotch. As the drinks went down, so did her manners. She started to get intolerant with the staff and become belligerent with other customers. Margret was accusing every woman she saw of being a whore , a bitch, the whore, or the bitch who was banging her boyfriend JP. The bartender, James , told her she had enough and this just made her worse. Margret told him to "bite her left nut. " James then ordered her to leave. Margret flatly refused. " Make me if you think you're man enough . I can buy and sell scum like you all day long and still not empty my change .
Lynette came out of the back and told the bartender she would handle it. She turned to Margret and said, "You really have to go. You have had enough". Margret sneered, "why don't you make me you man stealing whore ". With that Lynette grabbed her arm to pull her off the bar stool. But Margret slugged her with her free hand and sent Lynette reeling back.
" Ambidextrous Dyke" Lynn shouted, "so that's how you want it!". She charged at Margret who was now standing. But Margret was ready and as Lynette closed in, Margret side stepped allowing her fling past. Lynn went plummeting to the floor landing on her stomach. Even though Margret was drunk, she did not loose her adroitness, or her skill.
Lynette got back up and the two women tied up again . They began punching , kicking and slapping each other. Margret did get in a surprise sucker punch to Lynn's gut and then charged Lynette brining her to the floor. They rolled over a few times hair pulling , bitch slapping and biting each other before Margret managed to get seated astride Lynette's stomach. Lynette couldn't believe she was being pinned to the ground by this older and smaller lady. Lynn knew she had to keep her hands free and swung at Margret to keep her from getting too comfortable. Once she seemed to focus her attention on grabbing her wrists, Lynette planted her feet on the floor and strongly bucked upwards. This was enough to remove the woman from on top of her.
Lynette jumped up and when Margret started to climb to her feet, Lynette was ready with a kick to her midsection. This caused Margret to fall backwards. Lynette lunged at her and they rolled over and over each other. This time, Lynette got Margret in a leg lock and squeezed with all of her might. Her legs are quite strong.
Margret was struggling for all she was worth as she tried to twist and wrench Lynette's strong legs from encasing her. But the younger ladies' thighs were just too powerful. Lynette maneuvered Margret onto her back and sat down hard the smaller lady's stomach. Margret let out an "oomph" as she did. She was running out of steam as Lynette grabbed her wrists and pinned them to the floor. Margret tried to buck off the heavier lady but couldn't get the energy to remove Lynette from sitting on her belly, nor could she get her arms free.
When she stropped struggling, Lynette pinned Margret's shoulders with her knees and looked down at Margret's face as she asked, "so who is the bitch now"? Margret looked up and sneered, "get off me you bitch" which just made Lynette laugh at her. Lynette reached over the table right next to her and grabbed a half full pitcher and a bottle of beer. She l told Margret "you really need to cool off.. this is on the house" as she began to pour the beer over Margret's face and chest. Margret sputtered and yelled, "GET THE FUCK OFF ME" as the liquid soaked her face and hair.
Lynette continued sitting on her stomach and told Margret, "I won't get up until you apologize for acting like an ass". Lynette laughed and started slapping her back and forth and bouncing her ass on Margret's belly. Margret said, "OK! OK! You win. I am sorry you bitch". With that Lynette laughed and got up. Margret stood and looked at Lynette like she was going to resume. But she seemed to think better of it as she did not want to be pinned down for another beer shower. Margret grabbed her coat, gave Lynette the finger and walked out soaking wet and reeking of beer.
Lynette had no way of knowing soon she would be married to Margret's nephew . Hell, what a way to meet your in laws.

teachers love

I chewed at a fast pace slightly nervous anticipating his each move as he skipped through the files containing who knows what some science crap I don't give shit. He adjusted those nerdy glasses while opening another file. I looked at the clock above on the wall centre of the classroom. I'm supposed to be jugging few beers this instance instead of sitting here waiting for this damn fucking asshole to give me a lecture in bad behavior. I twisted my blond locks and let out a breath in annoyance seeing start with yet another stupid file. I popped a bubble which made him glimpse in my direction for second indicating the ´take out the gum´ routine face to me. I smirked in return and blew up another bubble that made an even louder popping sound. He was now officially annoyed well now you how I feel.
´´Miss Johnson would you please take out that gum´´ he commanded as if he could. Professor Michael Dawson or as I liked to call him Dorky Mikey, was my Scientist Professor. Of course I never learned a thing in his class as did most others. He six feet tall always wore turtle neck sweaters along with those extremely huge grandpa glasses. To top it off his voice was soft and could put you to sleep in five minutes. I always knew him to be a total bore but never guessed he could have been as irritating as I had found out today. In the evening in the middle of a disinteresting lesson about atoms me, Missy and Jill were throwing paper air planes across the room. If you want know to why, well, it's done every freaking day in his class nobody gives a fuck If he's in front of us trying teach or wearing a pink to too. We only pay attention to texting guys, combing our hair or fixing our makeup. But something must have crawled up his ass when he told me I will be staying behind after class was over for interrupting his speech. Big deal Greg, who was one the hottest jocks in college by the way, tossed a secret dirty note to me in a paper plane. Apparently I was disrespectful for leading a choir of giddy whispering and chuckling among three of us. Like anyone was even listening to the rubbish about different atoms, Missy once threw a fit in the middle in of his pop quiz when someone sent her a picture of her on and off boyfriend making out with another girl. That was one piece of drama I that made everyone burst into laughter when Missy started shouting and launching her books, things I had no idea occupied her authentic Gucci handbag, at Dean. Dorky Mikey had to douche one book. That's what you get for trying calm down a raging woman scorned. At least the short teen soap opera saved us twenty minutes before the bell rang.
´´Well, Miss Johnson´´ he ordered this time much firmer never in that tone before.
"And put it where Mikey?" I asked coyly. Up your damn ass is where I would like to shove it.
"That's Mr. Dawson to you young lady. How about on your forehead since I had to tell you twice" he retorted angrily. Jeez he actually looks serious enough not to mess with.
´´Or maybe I could just keep it here´´ I opened my mouth showing the bubble gum on my tongue before going back to the churlish chewing. ´´You simply let me leave now and then I'll just drop in a bin on my way out. Okay´´ I smiled defiantly.
He bent his head for a minute shaking it what appeared to be frustration due my disobedience. Man, could only imagine the fun I was missing. Greg parents were away and he was throwing a party at his house anybody who was anybody was invited. So only logically I was expected to be there after all Greg broke up with his plastic faced girlfriend last week. Fresh meat was on the Caroline Johnson market I had to have it. We have been exchanging signals all day and that note he wrote explicitly expressing his admiration for the mini jeans skirt I wore today was the tie breaker.
"You know I didn't tell to take this job Mikey" I looked to the ceiling blowing up another bobble. In a flash he rose and I didn't notice a pen he used to burst it almost stabbing my lip.
´´Remove it…´´ his voice was low yet sounded like a lion getting ready to tear his prey apart. I was stunned and intimidated by the fury that engulfed his almond eyes. I quickly tore a page out a notebook to put the gum no way it was going on my forehead though.
´´There's no reason to get so uptight it's just a stupid gum you know´´ I stated rebellious once again. But he kept staring me down in anger which made me flinch in my seat.
´´Just a stupid gum you say. I guess everything is just stupid you Caroline. The tardiness, ill mannered in my class and the constant grades I can't say are 'bad' because not even that describes them! ´´ He barked I guess letting out some hidden stress.
´´And I thought you couldn't be informal, so you do know someone's first name I feel honored´´ I lightly chuckled at his outburst then continued.
´´Before your veins in your head explode lets clarify things Mr. Dawson, first of all, apart from the pack of nerds sitting in the front row, everybody in your class should have those complaints on their files´´ I retorted blatantly.
´´Well then I suppose you can be so kind as to tell me why everyone of you imbeciles even bother to show up to my class since your brains wished to remain empty´´ he spat making my eyes widened. Imbeciles! Did he wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? I thought becoming really pissed.
´´It's simple sir, if some of your students aren't rich kids that don't require any college education whatsoever because they have handsome trust funds, they're parents forced them into Science despite their disinterest in it´´ I snorted indicating I was one of those persons.
´´From what potential I see in you I can hardly imagine what possible career someone like you who doesn't apply herself in anyway thinks she can achieve´´ he raised an eyebrow.
´´I intend on becoming an actress´´ he smirked insultingly at me.
´´I should have known another dumb blond chasing the Hollywood fantasy.´´
I jumped up almost knocking my chair over this jackass was getting on my last nerves. How dare he I've been called many names before but not by a professor and wasn't about to take it from this one. I don't care if he would report me to the school board or try to me expelled he definitely didn't have his professional hat on at the moment did he? I grabbed my bag then stamped my way to the door barely containing my anger.
´´I didn't recall dismissing you young lady´´ I stopped at the door and reverted my face to him.
´´Fuck you! I don't have stay here and take your useless scolding. I bet you´re hating on me because I was one the hot chicks you didn't stand a chance with, you were just another front row loser huh. Dorkey Mikey!´´ I sneered turning to twist the doorknob screw this, a nice party and hook up with Greg was waiting for me. A strong hand suddenly slammed it shut as I felt heavy breathing against the side of my neck.
"Look at me" he said with each furious breathe.
´´I said look at me you little bitch! ´´ He barked causing my heart to jump I quickly turned around and to my utter shock I found a completely different man. I don't where his glasses had gone but his face was clear with pure fury. His cheekbones were squeezed tightly his eyes were dark instead of the usual almond brown. He looked like a serial killer who would reach for his weapon any second. Call me crazy but he actually seemed hot I felt a chill deep inside, my knees began to tremble at his cold gaze.
´´Sit down! ´´ He pointed to a desk I rushed frightened and hopped on top of the desk.
´´You're right you are the same as those girls from my college days. Always dumped their homework on my lap while you all went out with the quarterbacks never knew I existed´´ he spoke sternly obviously revisiting his past. I sat there silent as a mouse I flinched when he snatched my chin.
"What's this, for once your quirky mouth is mute. You know one day you won't have this cute little figure´´ his fingers brushed on my curves through my blouse. ´´Or these long smooth legs´´ he lifted my right ankle and ran his hand up to my knee then further till he reached edge of my skirt.
´´Pull it up´´ I don't why but I obeyed his outrageous command.
He then placed his hand inside my panty and violently dug his fingers into my clit. I cried out at the shot of pain that abruptly consumed me.
´´Shhh. Here´´ he hushed rubbing the walls of my clit firmly but carefully. I exhaled slowly while he combed through my blond hair with the other hand. He went on massaging my cunt until I felt moistures growing as I couldn't suppressed the urge to moan. He took hold of my chin again.
´´You're not a virgin, are you? ´´ I gave him sly smile and shook my head. He then held my neck in steadily forcing me to look at him. ´´Good to know even though you are very tight, when was the last time? ´´
´´A month ago´´ I moaned feeling his torturous fingers circling hitting the nerves I wasn't aware existed. None the guys I've slept with ever did foreplay didn't sure they even knew how to we would always get drunk first then do it.
´´Is that so don't lie to me.´´ he tighten his grip on my neck I wasn't suffocating but it was too firm for comfort. His eyes pierce through me his whole demeanor seemed to have a strange control over my body.
´´I swear it's the truth´´ he heard how sincere my answer sounded and released my neck but then started to pound his fingers in and out of my cunt rapidly. I was about scream out until his hand blocked my mouth. ´´I wonder how you taste, cum for me. Now´´ a few seconds of liquid building and I finally had my orgasm as my juices flowed. He pulled out instantly licking his fingers clean. I watched him amazed at what he just made do and the fact that he simulated everything. He fixed his gaze upon me and came closer filling the space between us he looked so seductive so godlike who the hell was he? Definitely not the same geeky teacher I had ignored for two years. Perhaps this was all a dream and any moment I would wake up. His soft lips connected with mine possessing with a strong kiss I felt my blouse being unbuttoned. Holy hell is he really going take here in the classroom? That's so fucking sexy! I chanted in my head he slipped into my bra and caressed my hardened nipples. He moaned in triumphant satisfactory at the condition he found them in showing how aroused I was.
´´Do you want me in here? ´´ he whispered sucking on my bottom lip.
My mind was sent flying through the window at the intensity of his erected pressed against my bare clit. My body was aching for the return of his touch desperately I couldn't deny it.
´´Yes. Please take me now.´´ I said the yearning in my voice evident.
´´Not yet baby, if you want me to you're going to have to be completely mine. I will have you no other way´´
´´Huh? ´´ I murmured confused by his words. He bent to suckle on my full breasts while pitching my nipples making me yelp closing my eyes at the sting of sensational pleasure he was giving me. He moved downwards to my stomach circling his tongue over my belly ring.
´´I don't want anybody else touching you ever I alone shall do so. Understand? ´´ I opened my eyes and looked down to where he was savoring each ounce of flesh. He suddenly gazed at me seeing the blank expression on my face.
´´What why? ´´ I asked breathless he stood straight running his through my hair he scrutinized me seriously. I remained there sitting with my top unbuttoned and my skirt rolled up exposing my wet clitoris and teased boobs.
´´You heard me I must be only one fucking you´´ he told me sternly with his hands in his pockets.
His dark, predatorily look was resurfaced but damn he was still so sexily alluring I wanted jump on the man's bones right here and now. How could he be making me react his way? It's as if he was a sorcerer casting a black magic spell upon me.
´´You don't own me Mr. Dawson no one does´´ I declared shooting him an equally stern look I hope it was as effective.
He yanked my hair backwards without any warning and brought his face to mine.
´´Not anymore you´ve run loose like a little slut for too long Caroline´´ I swallowed hard his intense stare that could make a wolf runaway in terror.
´´This glorious body is no longer a play field for those punks you always let score. It belongs to me now´´ he traced his index finger over my decorated navel. ´´Every delicious part of you Caroline I will make mine and when I fuck you, you will forget about every other guy who was there before me.´´ He took my mouth so hungrily I thought he was going to bite off my lips. He shoved his tongue deep in my throat keeping my face in place firmly in the palm of his hands. He broke the kiss leaving me dizzy with a burning need I didn't want to let go I wanted him to take me in his strong arms. I gasped as he backed away slowly looking as though he was trying to resist the temptation that was delectably displayed before him. Yes I am quite arrogant every young attractive girl should be.
´´Get yourself together and leave I have papers to grade tonight´´ he said plainly. The surprise and hurt those words cause made me almost want to bury my face in shame. I watched as he sat down around his desk and retrieve his glasses from somewhere in the bunch of papers spread out. My blood was pumping frantically the raging hormones and lust consumed me but I found the strength fix my clothes. I quickly took my bag, got on my feet and not waiting for me to look my way I scurried out the classroom.

just nothing but

I basically don't know what to do anymore. I can run away; I can put down everything behind me; but is it in truth the finest and equitable most thing to do. I heave a sigh out as I mull over and reflect as regards all this, to some slight modest bit of degree feeling a bit piece worn-out and pooped in. Damn it! It is not like things have to be all the time and inescapably be like this or do they? I plainly don't know. I am so baffled up and mad and gnashing my teeth and heart-rent and cast down and distraught with all this deep down the very base and footing of my heart. For sure! Dammit a second time! I don't know how I can actually assist and help this out.
His lips tap and graze and sweep over mine. Bit by bit but slickly good and finicky. I am in love with it, I am so stuck on it, and I relish it what's more; that is just this purely and nothing more. Stian! I love him like nothing else in this complete world. He is mine; and I am utterly lock, stock and barrel his as well. For a speck while, he pulls back from kissing me to gaze and gawk at me smoothly and quietly. The look and phrase in his eyes strokes and rouses and stirs me like nothing else. It is as sufficient and more than enough on its own as to prove to me just how much he loves and cares about me. I avow and give your word on it. Stian loves me bad and sincerely. Really!
"Ragnhild," he murmurs and whirrs out my name in that gracious and easygoing way that I cannot help but be fond of and helplessly and strongly fall for. His pitch has got a particular pleasurable and saccharine feeling to it that makes my skin prickle and itch and tickle with glee and delight. I almost laugh out, only affording to smile warmly and welcomingly. Stian's eyes beam and lighten up at this. He is rather fairly awed and impressed and lured by my behavior and manners. Screw him for it, I say.
"Yes, Stian," my voice is wan and in poor vigor and resonance as I say this. Arghhhhh! That at least sounds so much better than if I had aimed to be a bit noisy and shrill with him. Yes. It reverberates sweetly and beautifully to some minor point.
"I love you so much," he makes known to me, cool and meek faced. I only grin at him lightly and lovingly before he progresses on to stir closer towards me and carry on kissing and snogging and canoodling me. There is just a certain craze and infatuation to his kissing and snogging that I find to be a little bit what sugary but hard to clarify and explain. It is just there even though I cannot simply and straightforwardly explicate and put it in plain clear words. Certainly!
I inhale in for a momentary while before I consent to him taking full and overall sway of me. He tows and hauls me into his tender armrests and shoulders, doing everything so fast but yet so calmly and mildly at the same time. This is admirable; this is brilliant and dazzling indeed! I love and adore it so, so, so very much-don't you yourself? Never before have I felt more appreciated and prized, more secure and more confined and sheltered than right now. Nothing can hurt and harm me in Stian's adoring and tender arms and shielding shoulders.
His kisses are concentrated and strong and forceful with excitement and enthusiasm and keenness. I can feel it to the very heart and deep. It is addictive and neurotic on either hand to be frank and sincere with you. The way that he feels and handles and strokes my hair, and in addition to that move about his balanced, calm, and hassle-free hand down my back and behind-or hips in more perceptible words-it amazes and flabbergasts and overwhelms me. I grunt and whine out cheerfully and contentedly. Stian sounds contented and pleased and thrilled in the approach and manner that he is grunting and growling out back at me. Yes. We will be making love today; we will be shagging and banging and hammering each other right here on this settee. Not the way that prostitutes and whores do it; but like factual and genuine lovers do it.
His lips burrow and plow deep and more deeper down my neck and throat, making me raise my head up straight away and sigh and moan and heave out a great lot mad deal as I do so. Gosh! This is amusing and exceptional. I feel like I am about to orgasm solely from these gentle, avid, and outstandingly kisses, but then I do not. Do you yourself?
We gaze and stare each other in the face as we punch and smack our lips and mouths against the other's. It is so sweet…it is so brilliant and breathtaking. I like it; I love, love, love it way, way, way too far. "Are you enjoying this, baby?" Stian puts to me thoughtfully and unperturbedly brief. I only nod and wink an eye at him without saying anything out loud. Then, speedily and hurriedly quick, I carry on to brush and sweep up and slap my lips over his. He groans and growls out noisily and ecstatically, but then he gets used and familiarized to it until he is cuffing and hitting his lips back against mine. Arghhhhh! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! This is enjoyment and contentment merged and mingled together. I swear!
I go on to seat and settle myself on top of him. Somewhere down there inside his pants, I suppose that I start to feel his dozing penis become stiff and straight. Yes. That must be it. It is it for sure and indisputably! It sweeps and brushes and strokes me quietly and agreeably in such a way that drenches and wets my vagina. Crap! I cannot be soaking drenched so soon, can I, much less this simply! No! There must be more stimulations and rousings before I come to this phase. I will do my best to not get damp this too soon.
"Is everything okay?" Stian solicits and requests me. He is apprehensive and bothered…somehow…perhaps so it seems.
"I am faultlessly fine, Stian," I state and assert out to him. That calms and quiets him down a little. Why has he asked that? Is it because of his penis stroking me fad and I myself becoming all of a sudden edgy and restless and fretful? Is it because of it or what closely?
"Well, I thought that…made you somewhat itchy and uncomfortable," he mumbles gleefully and with joy as he smirks and beams at me.
Ahhhhhhhhhhh! There we go yet again. Just like I had envisaged and seen coming. It is the penis matter that got him this concerned and fussy. "What do you think it is that might have got me to become this unexpectedly uncomfortable?" I ask him intentionally and on purpose. I just want to hear his answer to that. That's just it!
"Well, my John Thomas. You seem a bit shocked and terrified. You shouldn't be worried of his size and range. It is common and average for him to be this large and giant you know, Ragnhild?"
"Oh. I get it. Is that it in fact?"
"Is not it, precious."
"What makes you suppose that your penis is so giant in this world?"
"Come on. Are you trying to scoff and laugh at…him?"
"No in actual fact. It is factual and precise that he is big; but he isn't all that full-size and huge actually."
"What if I tell you that I have the most biggest penis in this whole town of Rovich. True, we do have thousands of men out there with joysticks and penises. But none of them come as near massive and well-formed as mine is. Do you have doubts about this?"
"Who told you that flattering piece of lie? I mean you are good at complimenting and buttering up yourself, you know?"
"This is an unearthing based on an assessment, Ragnhild. We did the assessment at Rovich Hospital and the finding was rather scandalous and shocking." This makes me a bit green-eyed and jealous. Stian claims and brags he has got the biggest dick in town. A fucking damn hospice research executed at Rovich Hospital establishes and confirms so, he alleges. For this, I will entitle him Mr. Big-giant-monster Penis. I myself have got what exactly in contrast and comparison with him? The largest and biggest boobies (breasts) in Rovich? Come on. That is not what I even yearn for! Well, he has beat and crushed me on that one. He is a record breaker when it comes to the penis and male genitalia stuff…while I myself am…totally nothing at whatever thing!
"Are you annoyed with me, Ragnhild?" He is taunting and making fun of me. I don't answer him directly and straight away. "Come on, babe. Be mad with my penis then. Will you please, my beautiful one?"
Pin-nail him for it! I glower at him and as I am about to shift away from him, he tows and lugs and drags me all the more closer and tighter towards himself. I can feel his record smashing penis jab and punch and strike me all the more closely and intimately. Pin-nail it too for what it is! Screw everything! Du------uh!
"Let me go, Stian, I beg you," I implore and entreat him.
He promptly snaps back at me, "I won't let you go anywhere until after I have fucked and hammered you up, Ragnhild, do you hear that?"
Fuck him for it! I am livid and irate with him right now and all I want him to do merely is to free me and let me go. Is that stiff and solid enough for him to achieve and get done? Is it really and truthfully? Too late, I become aware of it. He has placed his hand down into my short skirt and he is fingering and brushing and stroking my pussy even right this very second. It feels so good and pleasurable…I cannot resist or stand firm against it. No, I cannot!
Holy sh*t! This is all too quick and unforeseen. Since I like and take pleasure in it, I let him do and keep on with it all the more leisurely and laid-back and cheerfully. I groan and howl out, thrilled and contented with him and his sexual exploit and accomplishment towards me. Yes! This is exceedingly implausible and enjoyable. It should be after all, don't you imagine and agree so yourself? With one hand inside my vagina and pussy, Stian budges and moves his other free hand towards my breasts and nipple, and having grasped and gripped them, he amuses himself and has fun with them as he sees healthy and fit. I like it. I love and enjoy it what's more!
"Yes; yes," he tones out to me, grudgingly and with pleasure, "Cry out the louder and piercing, baby. Cry, my baby, cry. Yeah…just like that. Weep out loud, will you please?"
I groan and sob and howl out. Not because I am hurt and wounded and injured. I am glad and delighted and contented. What could be any better and preferable than this, huh? What exactly? The pleasure…the joy, the bliss, the ecstasy…it thaws and softens and melts me up. I am all sugar and ice cream and vanilla and chocolate merged and coalesced. Yeah. Everything is so amazingly and brilliantly sweet and sugar and syrupy. He is thumping and nudging his fingers deep into my vagina quickly and more swiftly and hurriedly; he is clutching and grabbing hold of my nipples and breasts all the more firm and pleasantly and delightfully. I am going to come…I am going to come…a few minutes away from now…I am going to surely come…
Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Even the air I breathe in is all too saccharine and pleasant and enjoyable. Yes. My vision itself is all the more fine and exceptional and pleasurable. It truly and in fact is! What is this verily? Dreamland or what emphatically? I am puzzled…I am glad and content too…I am nervous and petrified at the same time. Stian is good at this-sex; he is so, so, very superior and excellent at it. Yeah! I love and adore him for it! Don't you as well? Don't you in truth?
In good time, I unfasten and untie the zip of his pants so that I can fetch and draw out his big penis and beautifully knob itself. It is gigantic; it is unbreakable and upright. I like it this way, don't I? Yes, I utterly and of course do. Stian himself shoves and pushes my skirt further up so that he can eye and stare at my uncovered vagina itself before I go on to settle and seat myself over his cock and penis. Arghhhhhhhhh! It is a spectacular and breathtaking feeling indeed. The feel of his cock inside my twat is so great and pleasurable that I have to shut and close my eyes so I can feel and sip and suck up all of it. Yes! I mean-why shouldn't I do such a grand and breathtaking thing. Why, I solicit?
"Fuck me, Ragnhild," Stian mumbles and mutters softly out to me. "Ride me like a wild, gone-nuts horsewoman. I am your horse right now. Ride me, baby, will you?'
I do just that. Bit by bit and at my own leisure at first, and then raising and boosting up speed and momentum as I go on. Ashoo-oooooooh! This is excellent and brilliant…this certainly and unquestionably is…my head twirls and twists and revolves. I enter into paradise straight away. That is what it veritably seems like.
Whenever I haul myself up myself solely to plummet and dive myself down on Stian, there arises and booms out an earsplitting slap and spanking sound that is all too sweet and sugary to express and give a portrait of. Yes. He is gawking and gawping straight at me; and his gaze itself is so authoritative and prevailing enough to make me orgasm and come-all too hastily and rapidly and out of the blue. Arghhhhhhhhh! I sob and whine and howl out. I can feel him spill out and leak semen and loads more of sugary semen into me. Yah! This is it…this is indisputably it and nothing else! This is it for sure!
Shit! I like how male jism or cum feels inside the shelter and fortification of my pussy twat vagina itself. That is its own dwelling and residence. That is where it must be for Stian and I to formulate and manufacture and bring into being babies of our own. We have no aims and objectives of having children right now. For now, we just want to savor and take pleasure in sex. That is just solely it and nothing else!

boy toy

I admired myself in the bathroom mirror as I finished applying my make-up for the night ahead of me. I had stunning features, with a thick head of gorgeous black dreadlocks that I put up in a big bun, narrow face, beautiful silky brown skin, big bright brown eyes and big full heart shaped lips; you could say I sort of resembled Lisa Bonet in her younger days. My black curve hugging knee high dress showed off my curvaceous curves with black pumps. I was definitely ready for a night of fun and dangerous adventures at the night club nearby.
I swiftly walked out of my apartment, got in my car and speed down the highway, heading toward one of the local male strip clubs. I was looking gorgeous and breathtaking as always and I decided tonight I was going to get some cock action. I pulled into the parking lot of the night club and parked my BMW in one of the empty parking spaces. I got out of the car, straightened my dress and clicked my six inch pumps down the pavement, heading inside the night club.
Inside the club was filled with naked male strippers and female customers. I found a seat at the bar, ordered a Bloody Mary, then one of the very handsome and gorgeous male host came up to me and asked me which one of the very hot male strippers I would like to see perform tonight. I shrugged and answered that I would like to see Eric tonight. I told him I have been here before and every time I was here, I would catch Eric in his performance. He had caught my eye from the beginning. The male host said I was in luck because Eric was performing next tonight. He told me to enjoy the shows and walked away. Eric was a very beautiful well-built young black man with gorgeous glowing brown skin. Whenever I would see his performance with him wearing his usual tight white speedos, his bulge would be huge and throb out of his underwear. I would wonder about its hug size that it appeared to be; I myself loved huge black cocks. I don't fuck small dicks. I like to fuck big twelve inch anaconda snakes. It was what I preferred and I felt dam good when I did.
Just then I heard a warm female voice boom through the very vast speakers that surrounded the night club. "Yawl, give it up for the very handsome and talented Eric Rough." The crowd of women surrounding the center stage went wild and started getting excited and screaming to the top of their lungs. A very gorgeous Eric walked up to the stage with his fire man costume on and holding his fake water hose. He did a couple of routine dance numbers while playing with the hose between his legs. He then looked through the crowd of hormone raging women and spotted me. The rest of the time he was doing his routine he could not keep his eyes of me and I could not either. A couple of times I tried to tear my eyes away from the burning desire in his eyes, but I just could not.
Eric looked through the crowd and spotted a very attractive curvaceous woman. She had a full head of gorgeous dreadlocks on her head and the biggest bright brown eyes you have ever seen. She was breathtakingly stunning. He had seen her here a couple of times before and she had caught his eye every time, but he never had the chance or courage to talk to her. Tonight was the night he would finally get a chance to show her how much he was really worth. After his very powerful routine; after he had picked up all his money from the floor, which the horny women had thrown at him, he made his way to the bar.
"Hey lovely, what's your name?" asked Eric firmly as he extended his right hand to her.
"Hi, my name's Abbigail," I said, shaking his big strong hands.
Eric sat down on one of the empty bar stools next to me and asked, "Do you come here a lot. I swear I have seen you here a couple of times watching me perform."
"Oh…. Well yeah. I have been here a couple of times before."
"So are you here for business or pleasure?"
Um, Pleasure," I replied then burst out with giggles.
"Do you find that funny?"
"Um…. Yeah a little. I have never done pleasure before. This would be my first time."
"Great. I guess I'm lucky then….. I've got a virgin."
"Oh, I'm not a virgin."
"I mean you said you have never gotten fucked by one of the male escorts here and I'm glad I'm going to be the first."
"What makes you think I want you?"
"I can see it in your eyes and the way you study my body as I perform every night you come here."
"Well, how much are you charging, because I really need some cock tonight?"
"A Hundred dollars per hour."
"Okay what are we waiting for then….let's get this party started."
"After you," said Eric as he took my hand and led me towards one of the backrooms in the far corner.
When we got inside, he locked the door and pushed me against the wall; he then told me to relax and enjoy myself. He got down on his knees and pulled down my black lace panties. He grabbed my crutch with one hand and proceeded to eat my moist pussy. With his one free hand, he placed my left leg across his shoulder. As his mouth devoured my cunt, I started to relax and enjoy what he was doing with his tongue techniques in my swat. I had not shaved my pussy that night, and my prickly pussy brushed against his face as he ate me out. I started to moan and groan as his sucked on my clitoris. I felt a hot wave of heat come over me and my knees felt weak, then suddenly my cum filled my cunt and his mouth. I could feel him accidently swallow my cum. He then released my vigina and came out for air. He kissed my stinging skin with delicate kissed from my torso up to my lips. As his mouth reached my mouth, my lips parted and his tongue slipped into my mouth. I could taste the sweet taste of my cum. Dam I tasted good, I thought. He kissed me deeply with passion that I did not to want to let go ever again. His mouth tasted like alcohol mixed in with my juices and I devoured his mouth completely. He pulled down his speedos to reveal a very hard and erect cock. He grabbed my big firm ass and pulled me up against his hips. I rapped my long legs around his waist, and I pulled him inside me. He fucked me hard and rough, I guess that was how he got his name, because he fucked very rough. I could tell he was very serious about his fucking skills because he took me into an orgasmic dreamland that I thought I could never reach. I exploded on the inside with orgasm and fever as he rammed my pussy and my pussy juices leaked out of the corners of my open wound. He then started to get weak and started cussing. I knew he was coming. He grabbed my hair and yanked it out of it's perfect up do; he then started to cum hard and fast. My slit filled with his cum and mine that he could no longer hold his cock inside. His cock slid out of my pussy and went soft.
"That was great," I said as I took a tissue out of my purse and cleaned myself up. I slid my panties back on.
"Well let me know when you need me to do that again."
"Oh I definitely will," I said as I straightened my dress.
"Maybe next time we can try to back door. Have you ever been fucked in the ass before?"
"Um… no, but I'm willing to have that kind of sexual experience with you."
"Okay just let me know. I'm going to fuck you so good, that your ass hole will cum."
"Can't wait," I said as I placed a hundred dollar bill in his hand.
Eric and I walked out of the back room and parted ways. A week later, I came back to the club and we had another nice sexual adventure, this time better than the first. We tried he back door and I ended up coming twice in my ass hole. I would come to the male stripe club almost every night5 just to get a sexual fix from Eric Rough, my new boy toy.