boy toy

I admired myself in the bathroom mirror as I finished applying my make-up for the night ahead of me. I had stunning features, with a thick head of gorgeous black dreadlocks that I put up in a big bun, narrow face, beautiful silky brown skin, big bright brown eyes and big full heart shaped lips; you could say I sort of resembled Lisa Bonet in her younger days. My black curve hugging knee high dress showed off my curvaceous curves with black pumps. I was definitely ready for a night of fun and dangerous adventures at the night club nearby.
I swiftly walked out of my apartment, got in my car and speed down the highway, heading toward one of the local male strip clubs. I was looking gorgeous and breathtaking as always and I decided tonight I was going to get some cock action. I pulled into the parking lot of the night club and parked my BMW in one of the empty parking spaces. I got out of the car, straightened my dress and clicked my six inch pumps down the pavement, heading inside the night club.
Inside the club was filled with naked male strippers and female customers. I found a seat at the bar, ordered a Bloody Mary, then one of the very handsome and gorgeous male host came up to me and asked me which one of the very hot male strippers I would like to see perform tonight. I shrugged and answered that I would like to see Eric tonight. I told him I have been here before and every time I was here, I would catch Eric in his performance. He had caught my eye from the beginning. The male host said I was in luck because Eric was performing next tonight. He told me to enjoy the shows and walked away. Eric was a very beautiful well-built young black man with gorgeous glowing brown skin. Whenever I would see his performance with him wearing his usual tight white speedos, his bulge would be huge and throb out of his underwear. I would wonder about its hug size that it appeared to be; I myself loved huge black cocks. I don't fuck small dicks. I like to fuck big twelve inch anaconda snakes. It was what I preferred and I felt dam good when I did.
Just then I heard a warm female voice boom through the very vast speakers that surrounded the night club. "Yawl, give it up for the very handsome and talented Eric Rough." The crowd of women surrounding the center stage went wild and started getting excited and screaming to the top of their lungs. A very gorgeous Eric walked up to the stage with his fire man costume on and holding his fake water hose. He did a couple of routine dance numbers while playing with the hose between his legs. He then looked through the crowd of hormone raging women and spotted me. The rest of the time he was doing his routine he could not keep his eyes of me and I could not either. A couple of times I tried to tear my eyes away from the burning desire in his eyes, but I just could not.
Eric looked through the crowd and spotted a very attractive curvaceous woman. She had a full head of gorgeous dreadlocks on her head and the biggest bright brown eyes you have ever seen. She was breathtakingly stunning. He had seen her here a couple of times before and she had caught his eye every time, but he never had the chance or courage to talk to her. Tonight was the night he would finally get a chance to show her how much he was really worth. After his very powerful routine; after he had picked up all his money from the floor, which the horny women had thrown at him, he made his way to the bar.
"Hey lovely, what's your name?" asked Eric firmly as he extended his right hand to her.
"Hi, my name's Abbigail," I said, shaking his big strong hands.
Eric sat down on one of the empty bar stools next to me and asked, "Do you come here a lot. I swear I have seen you here a couple of times watching me perform."
"Oh…. Well yeah. I have been here a couple of times before."
"So are you here for business or pleasure?"
Um, Pleasure," I replied then burst out with giggles.
"Do you find that funny?"
"Um…. Yeah a little. I have never done pleasure before. This would be my first time."
"Great. I guess I'm lucky then….. I've got a virgin."
"Oh, I'm not a virgin."
"I mean you said you have never gotten fucked by one of the male escorts here and I'm glad I'm going to be the first."
"What makes you think I want you?"
"I can see it in your eyes and the way you study my body as I perform every night you come here."
"Well, how much are you charging, because I really need some cock tonight?"
"A Hundred dollars per hour."
"Okay what are we waiting for then….let's get this party started."
"After you," said Eric as he took my hand and led me towards one of the backrooms in the far corner.
When we got inside, he locked the door and pushed me against the wall; he then told me to relax and enjoy myself. He got down on his knees and pulled down my black lace panties. He grabbed my crutch with one hand and proceeded to eat my moist pussy. With his one free hand, he placed my left leg across his shoulder. As his mouth devoured my cunt, I started to relax and enjoy what he was doing with his tongue techniques in my swat. I had not shaved my pussy that night, and my prickly pussy brushed against his face as he ate me out. I started to moan and groan as his sucked on my clitoris. I felt a hot wave of heat come over me and my knees felt weak, then suddenly my cum filled my cunt and his mouth. I could feel him accidently swallow my cum. He then released my vigina and came out for air. He kissed my stinging skin with delicate kissed from my torso up to my lips. As his mouth reached my mouth, my lips parted and his tongue slipped into my mouth. I could taste the sweet taste of my cum. Dam I tasted good, I thought. He kissed me deeply with passion that I did not to want to let go ever again. His mouth tasted like alcohol mixed in with my juices and I devoured his mouth completely. He pulled down his speedos to reveal a very hard and erect cock. He grabbed my big firm ass and pulled me up against his hips. I rapped my long legs around his waist, and I pulled him inside me. He fucked me hard and rough, I guess that was how he got his name, because he fucked very rough. I could tell he was very serious about his fucking skills because he took me into an orgasmic dreamland that I thought I could never reach. I exploded on the inside with orgasm and fever as he rammed my pussy and my pussy juices leaked out of the corners of my open wound. He then started to get weak and started cussing. I knew he was coming. He grabbed my hair and yanked it out of it's perfect up do; he then started to cum hard and fast. My slit filled with his cum and mine that he could no longer hold his cock inside. His cock slid out of my pussy and went soft.
"That was great," I said as I took a tissue out of my purse and cleaned myself up. I slid my panties back on.
"Well let me know when you need me to do that again."
"Oh I definitely will," I said as I straightened my dress.
"Maybe next time we can try to back door. Have you ever been fucked in the ass before?"
"Um… no, but I'm willing to have that kind of sexual experience with you."
"Okay just let me know. I'm going to fuck you so good, that your ass hole will cum."
"Can't wait," I said as I placed a hundred dollar bill in his hand.
Eric and I walked out of the back room and parted ways. A week later, I came back to the club and we had another nice sexual adventure, this time better than the first. We tried he back door and I ended up coming twice in my ass hole. I would come to the male stripe club almost every night5 just to get a sexual fix from Eric Rough, my new boy toy.